Penelope Zakou, MA, LCH Dip.
Internationally Qualified & Accredited Life Coach

 NLP Practitioner

Meditation Instructor 

EFT Master Practitioner

Penelope’s passion for coaching began at the age of 25 when she attended her first Personal Development Course and met her first life coach. She thought this course was going to help her optimise her human potential and productivity levels in her first managerial position at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Little did she know that working with her own personal Life Coach, Penelope would be able to get through some of the most difficult periods of her life.

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Completely burnout from "doing , doing, doing", Penelope's mental health suffered due to her continuous overwhelm and stress levels which resulted in her impactful quarter-life crisis. Penelope suffered from depression and  physical health issues due to her stress levels after quitting her career, exiting a toxic relationship and suffering from massive financial losses as she left everything behind in her small co-living flat in Central London to start over.

With the help of her own personal life coach, new mindfulness routines and her faith in human potential, Penelope created a new life for herself, one with less stress, healthy boundaries and much more time for fun, family and love.

Her craving for learning more about human optimisation and personal development, by changing one’s life from the inside out, led her to dive into self-help books, personal development seminars and resulted in getting trained in NLP, becoming an international certified and accredited Holistic Life Coach, EFT Master Practitioner and Meditation Instructor.  As a self-acclaimed student of life, Penelope knows that her knowledge and learnings will not stop here as she is on a mission to gather the most valuable of teachings to offer her clients and herself.



In 2019, Penelope surpassed 700 hours of One to One Holistic Life Coaching.
She now concentrates on working with females of all ages and utilizes her expertise in mindset and self-care transformation to guide young girls and women on their journeys of massive transformation from the inside out.


As an Online Coach, Penelope aims to continue to offer masterminds, seminars and breath-work sessions all around the world via virtual events.


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Penelope was born in New York, USA. Throughout her childhood she lived in both the USA as well as in Cyprus.

Penelope graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Stony Brook University and received her Master’s Degree from The University College London. Penelope studied life coaching  under the guidance of the Pioneer of Life Coaching Training and Best Selling Author,  Curly Martin and  was accredited by the  International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring after 300 hours of coaching.  

Penelope is obsessed with personal development, human
optimisation and travelling. She has visited 29 countries and has lived in the USA, Cyprus, Spain and the UK. Although she is not a native, after living in London for over 8 years she now calls it home.