✨My Tatita Loquita♥️ ✨

She was stubborn, bitchy and judgmental. She was also loving, loyal, funny, playful and gentle.

She had a beautiful intelligence to her, without any formal education and she was wholeheartedly human in all her different roles, flaws and strengths.

She loved her family with every fiber of her being (all 4 generations that she was blessed to meet!) and I can only hope that she, in return, felt the love we all have for her.

Her grandmotherly love made me feel safe and cherished.

Her flaws inspired me to see more of the world- both within myself and outside myself- she inspired me to be her palomita que vuela.

Her strengths inspired me to be a reader, a journaler, and passionate about the little things in life.

Her burning fire created generations of strong, loving women and although I believe a lot of her fire and passion was left unwritten, I do think it expanded through us, her daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters.

Te quiero mucho mi Tatita loquita, y se que ahora estas mas cerca de todos que nunca.♥️