the full story.

my mission.

Influence growth in Organizations, Teams, and most importantly, Individuals.

Promote the importance of continuous learning for the purposes of both professional development and contribution.

Make the most out of people's talents and provide them with the most effective and updated tools needed to help them develop to their fullest potential. 

Professional Goal:

Future Global Head of Leadership and Learning at an organization that genuinely cares about its employees. 

my values.







fun facts.

If I had to choose 3 phrases to describe myself, they would be: 

1. Possibility Oriented

2. Passionate Learner and Educator

3. Adaptable Human 

I LOVE travel. So far I've visited 29 countries and lived/worked in 4 of them.  Exposure to other lands, languages and traditions is extremely important to my growth as a compassionate global citizen. 

I am blessed with a loud and incredibly loving multicultural family across two continents and 3 countries. They drive me crazy, but they are the freakin' best. 

If I was an animal, I'd be a chimpanzee. Why? Well, because they are playful, curious and "almost human, sometimes smarter" (New YorkTimes, 2007). 

My favourite type of humans are ones with a growth mindset; open to learning and who bring passion to life and work, every single day.

My favourite type of workplace is one that loves its people as much as it loves its product. I am a fundamental believer that "to win the marketplace you must first win the workplace”.

If I die today, or 70+ years from now, I want to leave people with the memory of having felt seen, heard and appreciated in my presence.

Now, to my employment history!