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If I had to choose 3 phrases to describe myself, they would be...

1. Possibility Oriented 

2. Passionate Learner and Educator 

3. Adaptable Human

I am most engaged when....


I'm developing people and new processes. 

The best way to give me feedback is …


with honesty. 

Negative Feedback: I perceive negative feedback as a form of learning and appreciate when it is accompanied by suggestions on how I can do better/ what I can do differently/ how I can learn. 

Positive Feedback: I get a bit awkward with compliments. I prefer positive feedback on the outcome of my work, rather than on my work. 

My best working patterns look like ...

I'm an early bird. 
I love getting to work straight after a morning workout. 
I'm usually not as valuable after 17:00. 

When I'm dealing with stress, I ...

retract or freeze. This is my response to suuuuuper high levels of stress.
I generally thrive with a bit of stress in my work day. 

People often say I’m brilliant at …


hearing what's unsaid.
Managing projects with short deadlines. (I've been called the Mari Kondo of projects)
Communicating with challenging personalities.
Inspiring teams. 

I'm pretty rubbish at …

math without a calculator. Not much I can do with only 10 fingers.

My absolute requirements to do great work are ...


Comfort is key to my productivity. Big Screen, ergonomic mouse, fresh air and all that jazz genuinely enables me to enter my flow state much faster.

I do great work from an office and being around people, but I also like to be able to put my headphones in and disappear from the rest of the world. 

Moving my body every couple of hours is a must for me. Which is why I like having the freedom to go for a quick walk, regardless of the weather, to recharge my brain for the next task ahead. 

I NEED to be around stimulating people and people so focused, and driven that they inspire the same in me.


Beyond work, I’m really passionate about ...

mental health. In my spare time I love helping others on their personal development journey through coaching.

I freakin' love walking; especially wandering off in big new cities or forests.  

Travel = Life.  

and... I love learning, you'll always find a book on me.

manual of me.

my mission.

Influence growth in Organizations, Teams, and most importantly, Individuals.

Promote the importance of continuous learning for the purposes of both professional development and contribution.

Make the most out of people's talents and provide them with the most effective and updated tools needed to help them develop to their fullest potential. 

Professional Goal:

Future Global Head of Leadership and Learning at an organization that genuinely cares about its employees.